Getting in touch

If you have any information relevant to our Terms of Reference, please get in touch us by email ( or phone (0808 196 5000) briefly detailing your experience and which hospital you are contacting us about. A member of our team will contact you to discuss what information you may be able to provide to the Inquiry.

Please do not send the Inquiry any unsolicited documents before we have contacted you. Any information you do subsequently provide will be considered carefully to determine whether it is relevant to our Remit and Terms of Reference.

Legal enquiries

Material for the attention of the Inquiry legal team should be sent to


Phone us

0808 196 5000




Scottish Hospitals Inquiry
3rd Floor
20 West Register Street

Press and Media

The Inquiry team, including the expert witnesses , will not be giving interviews for the duration of the Inquiry's work


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Frequently Asked Questions

A series of Frequently Asked Questions about the Inquiry and how it works is available here