Inquiry Costs

As part of the Inquiry’s commitment to transparency, it publishes details of its expenditure.

The table below covers total expenditure up to the end of December 2023.

Costs are updated on a quarterly basis.


DESCRIPTION                                                                                            COST (£)

Inquiry staffing, including Chair                                                 8,492,400

Inquiry counsel  and Specialists/ Experts                                1,881,200

Core participant and witness costs                                            1,303,700

Running costs, including accommodation and IT                 3,971,800

TOTAL COSTS                                                                                            15,649,100


Notes on costs

These figures cover only expenditure where invoices have been processed and as such do not necessarily represent total expenditure within the period stated. All figures have been rounded to the nearest hundred.

The final costs of the Inquiry will be published at the close of the Inquiry once all invoices have been received and settled. The categories in the table may expand during the progress of the Inquiry.

The Inquiry is directly funding its own legal team and all such costs are listed under the first two rows above, with the costs relating to the Chairman included in the first row.

Expenditure relating to core participants or witnesses to the Inquiry is made per the Protocol for Funding of Legal Representation by the Inquiry

The Inquiry’s costs are met by the Scottish Government who sponsor the Inquiry. A joint management agreement exists to ensure clear roles and responsibilities are in place facilitate the running of the Inquiry, in accordance with the provisions of the Inquiries Act 2005 and the Inquiries (Scotland) Rules 2007.