This inquiry will investigate the construction of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus, Glasgow, and the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, and Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh

Remit of the Inquiry

The overarching aim of this Inquiry is to consider the planning, design, construction, commissioning and, where appropriate, maintenance of both the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus (QEUH), Glasgow and the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN), Edinburgh.

The Inquiry will determine how issues relating to adequacy of ventilation, water contamination and other matters adversely impacting on patient safety and care occurred; if these issues could have been prevented; the impacts of these issues on patients and their families; and whether the buildings provide a suitable environment for the delivery of safe, effective person-centred care.

The Inquiry will make recommendations to ensure that any past mistakes are not repeated in future NHS infrastructure projects. The Inquiry will do this by fulfilling its Terms of Reference.

What is the latest news from the Inquiry?

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Applications may be submitted to the Inquiry not later than 31 December 2020

Date 12 November 2020

Inquiry Counsel Team

Counsel to the Inquiry and Counsel team confirmed

Date 7 September 2020

Hearing from You

This Inquiry is about getting to the facts of what  happened at both hospitals and making recomme

Date 5 August 2020

Watch the Inquiry

Watch the introduction to the Inquiry by the Chair,  Lord Brodie.

Further videos will be uploaded as the Inquiry progresses. During the oral hearing diets the proceedings may be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below. This will open in the Inquiry's YouTube channel.

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What is the timetable for the inquiry?

When the Inquiry moves to oral hearings the timetable for the current week will be published here

You can find out the different stages of the Inquiry in the About  section

There is no date scheduled for the start of oral hearings

Inquiry Documents

A wide range of documents will be made available through the website.

These may include copies of evidence, transcripts of the oral hearings and reports commissioned by the Inquiry.