Lord Brodie meets with legal representatives

Date 18th March 2021

The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry has today held a meeting with Core Participants’ legal representatives to update on the progress of the Inquiry and set out its priorities ahead of the September hearings.

These hearings are an opportunity for patients and families to tell us how the issues at the hospitals impacted on the care received and the wellbeing of all involved. The hearings will begin on 20 September with measures in place for safe attendance and options for remote viewing.

The Inquiry is currently developing procedures and guidance for the September hearings and beyond. This week, the Inquiry has published protocols on applications for funding of legal expenses and the taking of witness statements which are available on its website here: Further material will be published on our website over the coming months.

In addition, Lord Brodie will shortly issue two draft directions, one on opening statements to the Inquiry and one on the standard of fact finding to be adopted by the Inquiry. These are being issued to the Core Participants for comment and will be finalised following consideration of any submissions received.

The Inquiry will be inquisitorial in its nature, seeking cooperation between the parties involved throughout the process to identify and investigate any emerging issues as thoroughly as possible.

Speaking at the event, Lord Brodie said “I am grateful to Core Participants for their collaboration with the Inquiry so far and to those who have provided documentary evidence. 

Anyone considering sharing their story can be confident that they will be treated in an empathetic, respectful and non-judgemental manner and, where support is needed, guided through the process.”

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Inquiry’s work, you can contact us on: or 0808 196 5000 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

The first formal hearing of the Inquiry will be on 22 June. This will be a Procedural Hearing which will also be held remotely in line with COVID-19 restrictions. The purpose of this will be to confirm arrangements and procedures for the programme of formal hearings in September and to identify any matters requiring resolution ahead of this time. More details on the programme and topics will be announced at the Procedural Hearing in June.

Provisional dates and topics for future hearings are currently being considered and will be announced in due course.

A recording of the meeting can be found here