Inquiry Document

Bundle 8 - Supplementary documents

Bundle of documents for the oral hearing commencing on 12 June 2023, containing items relating to the following:

  • NHS GGC Protected Antibiotic Policy - RHC
  • NHS GGC Guidelines for the management of paediatric line related sepsis 
  • NHS GGC Schiehallion Anti-fungal policy (haemato-oncology)
  • NHS GGC Management of neutropenia and fever_ antibiotic policy
  • NHS GGC Schiehallion Haematology/Oncology Unit - Prophylaxis against gram negative and fungal infections in immunocompromised babies, children and young people with Central Venous Access Device (CVAD)
  • Media statements on behalf of NHS GGC Health Board 
  • Information brief for families
  • Email chain form Teresa Inkster - subject: Update from 6A IMT
  • Email chain from Teresa Inkster - subject: filters in theaters
  • Email chain from Sandra Devine to Jen Armstrong and others - subject: IMT GNB and Mycobacteria chelonae
  • Email chain - subject: Urgent Ward 6 parent communication 
  • Email chain between Sandra Bustillo and Jennifer Rodgers
  • Letters between Jane Grant to consultants 
  • Letter from Teresa Inkster and Christine Peters to David Stewart 
  • Email chains between Brenda Gibson and others
  • Draft meeting reports
  • Minutes of Clinical Review Group
  • Hospital water systems' risk assessment 
  • Maintenance strategy
  • Estates workload
  • Reports by Professor T Evans 
Type Hearing Commencing 12 June 2023
Date 8th June 2023
Category Bundle of evidence
Hospital Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus - Glasgow
Subject Agenda/Minutes/Meeting papers

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