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Provisional Position Paper 3 – Vol.1 – Procurement Process

The Procurement Process for the RHCYP/DCN - Volume 1: The Period up to the Close of Competitive Dialogue.

This Provisional Position Paper has been produced to assist the Chair in addressing the terms of reference. It outlines the Inquiry Team’s understanding of the procurement process for the award of the contract for the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN) project (the Project).

Volume 1 addresses the period from the commencement of the procurement exercise up to the close of competitive dialogue. Volume 2 will address the period from the close of competitive dialogue to the conclusion of the contract. Gaps in the Inquiry Team’s understanding are also identified in both volumes. These matters will require to be explored in greater detail at the hearing set to commence on 24 April 2023. Further papers have been produced in relation to the development of the Reference Design and the Environmental Matrix.

Type Background Information
Date 21st December 2022
Category Provisional Position Papers
Witness Not applicable
Hospital RHCYP/DCN - Edinburgh
Subject Procurement


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