Closing statement by Counsel to the Inquiry now available

Date 9th December 2021

The closing statement for our first diet of hearings commencing 20 September 2021 was submitted by Counsel to the Inquiry for Lord Brodie to consider.

It was submitted by Alastair Duncan QC and Victoria Arnott in accordance with Direction 4 which was issued by Lord Brodie at the conclusion of the hearing diet. The statement will assist the Inquiry in understanding the evidence we heard from patients and families over the course of five weeks.

The closing statement highlights a number of themes that have emerged through oral testimony heard publicly or privately, as well as written statements alone.

A summary of the themes can be found on pages 3 to 9 for Glasgow and on pages 88 to 90 for Edinburgh. The full closing statement can be found here 

To further assist the Inquiry’s investigations, Core Participants with leave to appear may submit their own closing statements to the Inquiry by 17 December 2021. Any statements submitted  will be available on the website in due course. 

Closing Statement by Counsel to the Inquiry