Edinburgh Hearing concludes

Date 9th May 2023

The hearing which commenced on 25 April 2023 has now concluded.

Over the course of the hearing, the Inquiry heard from witnesses who were involved in the procurement exercise up to financial close of the Edinburgh hospital project in 2015.

Deputy Counsel to the Inquiry, John MacGregor KC and Ross McClelland, advocate, will provide a written closing submission by early June. This will capture both the hearing commenced 9 May 2022 and this latest hearing. Copies will be provided to core participants and be available on the Inquiry’s website in June. 

Lord Brodie invited core participants to provide their own closing submissions following publication of that from Deputy Counsel. He indicated that such submissions should be submitted by end-June 2023. Any submissions received will be published on the Inquiry’s website in early July.

The next hearing will be on the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow starting on 12 June 2023. For more information see here.

The date of a further hearing on Edinburgh will be announced in due course. In closing this hearing, Lord Brodie confirmed that the next Edinburgh hearing intends to cover the decisions of the then Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, to delay the opening of the hospital in July 2019 and to subsequently open it in March 2021.

The Inquiry’s investigations continue into the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences in Edinburgh and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus in Glasgow.