Edinburgh hospital phase one hearing closes

Date 23rd May 2022

The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry concluded its latest hearing last week where the focus has been on ventilation and other matters relating to the project governance and funding model used in the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital.

Over the last two weeks the Inquiry has heard from a number of engineering experts who explained the theory and practice of ventilation in a hospital setting, and the importance of good air circulation to prevent infections.

Witnesses explained the guidance prescribed when building a hospital, such as the Scottish Health Technical Memoranda, and the expected ventilation standards which should be present in a clinical setting.

The Inquiry has also heard from a number of current and former management staff within NHS Lothian involved in the early stages of the project development at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and the Department for Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN) in Edinburgh.

The Inquiry took evidence from former and acting civil servants close to the Edinburgh project finance decision making in the Scottish Government. Evidence from the Chief Executive of the Scottish Futures Trust followed, in relation to the changes in the funding model used to finance the construction of the RHCYP/DCN and the consequences of that. The Inquiry closed by hearing from Mott MacDonald and their involvement in the project.

Witness statements, documentary evidence and transcripts are all available on the Inquiry’s website to review on the Inquiry Documents  page. Oral testimony can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

This hearing concludes the first phase of investigations into the delays that occurred at the Edinburgh hospital and the subsequent issues that emerged. The Inquiry’s  evidence gathering continues. Announcements on future hearings and topics will be made in due course.