Glasgow hospital staff testimony concludes

Date 23rd June 2023

The Inquiry has now concluded hearing evidence from staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow for this phase of our investigations.

Over the past two weeks, the Inquiry Chair, Lord Brodie, heard evidence from a number of clinical staff involved in the care of children in Wards 2A and 2B at the Royal Hospital for Children.

Counsel to the Inquiry, Alastair Duncan questioned witnesses on a number of issues, including:

  • The nature, function and location of the hospital
  • The diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer
  • Concerns about the water, drainage and ventilation systems
  • Staff concerns about the incidence of infection and the possibility of links to the built environment
  • Practical impacts upon patients, families and staff of infection concerns and of issues with the built environment
  • The clinical impacts of infection and of the risk of infection
  • Communication with staff and with patients and families

Counsel to the Inquiry will now work on a closing submission, due to Lord Brodie on 21 July, which will be published on our website shortly thereafter.

Core participants will submit their closing statements to the Inquiry by 18 August.

All witness statements are now available on the Inquiry’s website, including for those witnesses that were not cited to appear at the hearing: