Issues to be considered at May 2022 hearing

Date 23rd February 2022

The Inquiry has set out the issues it seeks to cover at the May hearing around two main themes: the theory and practice of ventilation in hospitals; and the background to the project for the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People/Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHCYP/DCN).

The Inquiry will hear from a number of experts on various aspects of ventilation in hospitals and the role ventilation plays in patient care and safety. It will also look at key stages for developing a ventilation system in a hospital setting as well as standards and best practice.

The Inquiry has commissioned a number of reports from Dr Shaun Fitzgerald, Professor Hilary Humphreys and Mr Stephen Maddocks to give context and background to the above. These reports, and the evidence to be given by their authors at the hearing in May, will assist the Inquiry in gaining a better understanding of technical aspects of ventilation and its role in infection prevention and control in a hospital setting.

During the second part of the May hearings, the Inquiry will explore the background to the RHCYP/DCN project, along with the governance structures in place from the commencement of the project until the point of Financial Close. The procurement exercise will be covered at a later hearing.

At yesterday’s procedural hearing Lord Brodie reiterated that the Inquiry is taking a collaborative approach. He encouraged legal representatives of core participants to come forward as soon as possible with any relevant information, or names of persons who can speak to the list of issues.

The full list of issues to be considered at the May hearing is available here.