Provisional Position Paper 8 published

Date 8th September 2023

The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry has published Provisional Position Paper 8 today.

PPP8 is a chronological narrative of the ‘Reviewable Design Data’ process at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh. It forms the basis of the Inquiry team’s initial understanding of ventilation design development during the construction phase of the hospital.

In due course, the Chair is likely to be invited by the Inquiry Team to make findings in fact based on the content of this paper. It is open to any Core Participant or any other person holding relevant information, to seek to correct and/or contradict it by way of response.

Depending on the responses it receives and in taking forward its investigations, it is possible that the Inquiry’s understanding of matters may change. If the Inquiry’s understanding changes significantly, a revised edition of this paper may be issued in due course.

Those responding to the paper should be aware that it is likely that the responses received will be published on the Inquiry’s website, or otherwise made publicly available after the deadline for responses has passed.

The paper is available on this page: Provisional Position Paper 8 - Chronology of the Reviewable Design Data Process | Hospitals Inquiry

If you wish to make a response, this must be submitted by Friday, 06 October 2023 to