The purpose of Provisional Position Papers

Date 4th August 2023

The Inquiry’s latest Provisional Position Paper published today is in relation to the commissioning and validation process utilised in the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department for Clinical Neurosciences.

Download the document using this link:  Provisional Position Paper 6 | Hospitals Inquiry

A further three papers will be published in the coming weeks, also concerning the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and the Department for Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh.

The upcoming papers will be concerned with the following topics:

  1. Issues with the building other than core ventilation issue
  2. Potential missed opportunities to rectify the core ventilation issue
  3. Governance of the project

The Inquiry has to date published six Provisional Position Papers. Their purpose is to set out the Inquiry’s provisional understanding at the point of the paper’s publication. They serve a fundamental role in giving context and understanding of the background of the issues the Inquiry is investigating.

These papers are an opportunity for core participants and others who may hold relevant information to correct any misunderstandings or misapprehensions as early as possible.

Although the papers contain observations on facts the Inquiry has uncovered during its investigations, these should not be taken as the final position of the Inquiry. The Inquiry team will seek to pursue further details and facts during witness statement taking and public hearings, which may alter the Inquiry’s understanding of the issues. In addition of course the Inquiry’s view may change in light of responses received.

As with previous PPPs, at least some of the papers will contain specific questions that the Inquiry wishes addressed. Although a response may not be needed from all core participants, the Inquiry expects that any core participant directly asked to address a question will cooperate fully.

For more information about the process of publishing Provisional Position Papers, please see this guidance note: Process followed by the Inquiry when publishing Provisional Position Papers