Staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital to give evidence

Date 8th June 2023

The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry will resume hearings next week on the matters falling within its remit in relation to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH).

The Inquiry will hear evidence from frontline clinical staff, many of whom are from the Schiehallion Unit, as well as two of the managers closely involved in the events described in the patients and families evidence at the previous hearing.

The hearing aims to obtain the perspective of staff on the concerns described by patients and families at the prior hearing on Glasgow. It will also aim to draw out areas for future inquiry and to get the staff perspective on those issues.

In addition, the Inquiry will be examining a number of topics, including:

  • The nature, function and location of the hospital
  • The diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer
  • Concerns about the water, drainage and ventilation systems
  • Staff concerns about the incidence of infection and the possibility of links to the built environment
  • Practical impacts upon patients, families and staff of infection concerns and of issues with the built environment
  • The clinical impacts of infection and of the risk of infection
  • Communication with staff and with patients and families

A full list of topics is available here:

This hearing will run from 12 to 23 June, with the week commencing 26 June held as contingency. The programme be found on the hearing page:  

Restriction Orders can be found on the Procedures page: Witness statements and evidence bundles will be made available on our website in due course.

The public hearing will be streamed live on our YouTube channel:, subject to a two-minute delay.